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New Google Glass Reaches Enterprise

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According to the Wall Street Journal and 9to5Google Google quietly released a new version of the Google Glass wearable-- an "Enterprise Edition" (aka "EE") designed for, well, enterprise.

Google GlassesAs the news sources put it, the updated Glass has a tougher design to withstand any drops and bumps met on the workplace. The prism display is larger and more adjustable and, depending on who you ask, the device features either a button-and-hinge system for attachment to different glasses or "robust" hinges allowing wearers to fold it like a regular pair of glasses.

9to5Google describes the device as being "better fit in a factory or a hospital than on a runway… with a focus on function over fashion."

Further details include updated internals, including an Intel Atom processor, "moderately improved" battery life, wireless connectivity improvements and better heat management.

Privacy issues are also somewhat avoided, since the device will find use in private workplaces-- the WSJ reports surgeons are using the wearable during operations to either get advice or instruct students, while field workers use it to get help from colleagues back at HQ while fixing machinery.

How can one get the new Glass, should it exist? Reportedly Google plans to distribute it through certified Glass for Work partners, meaning it will not be available for retail. But will Google manage to compete with the likes of Vuzix, a veteran in the selling of head-mounted wearables to enterprise?

Go Google Quietly Distributes New Version of Glass Aimed at Workplaces (WSJ)

Go Google Glass "Enterprise Edition" is Foldable, More Water Resistant, Rugged for the Workplace (9to5Google)