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Ringdale Declares "Fax Not Dead"

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Texas-based solid-state technology vendor Ringdale claims to breathe new life in your customers' fax machines with updates to the ModuLAN digital fax receiver, a means for converting faxes into PDF email attachments.

Fax receiverAs the company puts it, fax machines are secure (since it is difficult to intercept faxes over analog phone lines), and as such remain popular with businesses. The ModuLAN digital fax receiver adds further security by converting faxes into PDF attachments emailed to intend recipients, thus further eliminating the risk of fax loss or interception, as well as the need for scanning or opting for digital storage.

ModuLAN is a self-contained appliance customers connect directly to the fax-phone line and LAN. It converts faxes to PDF before attaching to emails sent either directly to an inbox or preprogrammed mail server with need for a computer, and can also forward to any FPT server for archiving and distribution.

“Fax communications has its place in modern business. Simply stating it is obsolete and replaceable by scanners, encryption and email is short sighted. Technology companies must not only recognize how companies do business but why they use different practices,” Ringdale says. “ModuLAN fax receiver is paramount in supporting doctors, lawyers, and sales in efficiently and effectively using fax communications by bridging the ease of sending a fax with the ease of working with digital files once received.”

Go RingDale Announces "Fax Not Dead" With ModuLAN Digital Fax Receiver