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The World's Largest Data Centre

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The World's Largest Data Centre
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Excluding any yet-to-be-disclosed top secret facilities hidden by the world's major world military powers, the world's largest data center may also be the world's most unique: meet the Lefdal Mine Datacenter, pride of Norway.

Lefdal Mine Datacentre

In it's official graphic (see photo with the American Statue of Liberty to compare sizes), this data center looks like what you could imagine to be the DNA of The Hulk.

It's shown with six levels of intertwined roads and infrastructure. Inside there is 120,000 square meters of white space. And it can be expanded to 14 levels if needed.

In real life (see photo below), this data center looks like a snow-capped mountain top, probably because it is one... the data center is a re-purposed mine located in the north of a northern-most country (25 km from Måløy, Norway).  

Lefdal Mine is an old underground olivine mine. Olivine is a mineral series where two or more elements can substitute for one another without changing the crystal structure. The Olivine Series has two end members: Favalite, the iron-rich version and Forsterite, the magnesium-rich version.

Olivine was one of the ancient Egyptians’ favorite jewels, especially the green gemstone peridot. 

Now Lefdal, once known for its "green gems," becomes a "green" gem of a data center, able to offer natural advantages that can reduce the cost of a European data center, supposedly by 60%.