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Overland's NEO: 24 Terabytes per Hour

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The Overland family of NEO E Series enterprise backup and archive solutions uses LTO-5 technology.

NEO 8000With storage capacities ranging from 45 Terabytes to 3 Petabytes and data transfer rates as high as 24 Terabytes per hour, the NEO 2000E, NEO 4000E and NEO 8000 solutions provide nearly 2X the performance and +20% in data throughput compared to their LTO-4 based predecessors.

Linear tape technology, argues the company, is the logical choice for data backup as it's the most reliable and efficient technology available.

In the midst of an iSCSI-focused renovation (engineererd by former Snap Appliance and Data Robotics execs), the company revamped its NEO tape libraries and launched a new line of Snap appliances with enhanced support for VMware and Hyper-V. Overland also now outsources product manufacturing to Foxconn, improving gross product profitability.

There's an exploding small- and medium-sized business storage market: as server virtualization and database applications demand even more capacity and performance, smaller companies need to add networked storage.

The entry-level products of EMC, NetApp and other enterprise suppliers are too costly for these small hope to take advantage of this market.

Lower cost, easy-to-use, and close integration with VMware would make networking storage devices very successful in the mid-market and SMB during the next years.

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