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The Tech Companies of the FT 1000

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The FT 1000 lists the 1000 companies in Europe with the highest percentage growth in revenues between 2012 and 2015.

78 companies on the list are in London, making the British capital a hub for innovation and commerce in the EU even as the UK prepares to leave the bloc.

FT 1000 Let's call it "Techxit..."

Paris is second with 45 companies, followed by Milan with 34 and 32 in Berlin.

Chances are this list isn't perfect. We imagine it's easier to accumulate info on companies in Western Europe than elsewhere in Europe. But it's a great compilation.

The "Technology" companies account for nearly 33% of the list. But it is getting harder and harder to distinguish "technology companies" from "companies" in the Age of Disruption.

Crestron Ships DigitalMedia NVX Series

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Crestron starts shipping the DigitalMedia NVX series-- a means for installers to transmit 4K60 4:4:4 HDR video over standard 1 gigabit ethernet cable, with zero latency.

DVM NVXThe DVM NVX series is an "infinitely scalable" software-defined matrix able to share 4K60 4:4:4 HDR content securely over a dedicated 1Gb copper or fibre network, with no latency or limits. It has a focus on security, with 802.1X authentication ensuring every DV NVX device is explicitly authorised, Active Directory credential management ensuring only authorised administrators gain access and Secure CIP handling secure connections between DM NVX and Crestron control systems.

It consists of encoder/decoder Boxes (DM-NVX-350, DM-NVX-351), encoder/decoder cards (DM-NVX-350C, DM-NVX-351C), and a card chassis(DMF-CI8). DM NVX encoders/decoders feature built-in USB 2.0 routing, DSP and breakaway audio, HDCP 2.2 support, auto-switching, all-in-one encoding/decoding, and native ethernet support, as well as fibre via optional SPF modules.

Z-Wave Devices Get Mandatory Security

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The Z-Wave Alliance announces all Z-Wave devices require "strict and uniform" adoption of the Security 2 (S2) framework, the most advanced security for connected devices, controllers, gateways and hubs available.

Zwave secureThe alliance board unanimously voted in favour of the addition of the S2 framework back in November 2016. From April 2017 a technical certification program administered through 3rd party test facilities in Europe, US and Asia will check all new certified devices carry the correct implementation of S2 security solutions containing rules for command classes, timers and device types. S2 devices should also be backwards compatible with existing devices on the market.

S2 removes the risk of devices getting hacked while included on the network, since devices are uniquely authenticated on the network via QR or pin-code included on the device itself. The addition of secure key exchange via Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hilman (ECDH) eliminates the threat of common hacks such as man in the middle and brute force, while the tunneling of Z-Wave over IP (Z/IP) traffic through a secure TLS 1.1 tunnel secures cloud communications.

Gartner: -6.9% Y-o-Y Decline for Q1 2017 EMEA PCs

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EMEA PC shipments total 17.9 million units in Q1 2017, Gartner reports-- a -6.9% Y-o-Y decline, with all major regions making the territory suffering decline.

A single exception is Russia, since a stabilised local economy brought about to single-digit PC shipment growth.

Gartner Q1 2017 pc

On a global level, the Q1 2017 PC market also sees decline-- shipments are down by -2.4% Y-o-Y to 62.2m, the first time quarterly shipments are below 63m units since 2007. The market does see some "modest" growth from the business segment, but this is offset by declining consumer demand.

Software AG Buys Cumulocity

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Software AG acquires Cumulocity, the internet of things (IoT) specialist based in Dusseldorf, Germany. The terms of the deal are not available.

CumulocityCumolocity offers connectivity for networked devices and sensors through a cloud-based device management and application enablement platform. It has been in a partnership with Software AG since 2015, and the acquisition is described as the "next local step" in the relationship between the two companies.

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