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Intel Intros Xeon Scalable Processors

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Intel launches Xeon Scalable-- a range of over 50 server processors (as spread in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum ranges) and 7 chipsets based on the new Skylake SP core.

Intel Xeon Scalable Chipzilla claims the Scalable range provides a 1.65x performance boost over the previous Xeon generation, with the boost growing to 2.2x when used in deep learning and artificial intelligence applications. Such performance gains are the result of new cores and the new Intel Mesh Architecture, and are described by the company as the greatest in a decade.

For the interested, Mesh Architecture arranges cores, memory controllers and I/O interfaces in a 2D grid (such as 4x4, 4x6 or 6x6, according to core count). Such a design, Intel says, maximises performance and enables consistent, low latencies.

Gigabye Intros Intel Xeon Scalable Rack Servers

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Gigabyte follows the launch of the Intel Xeon Scalable with a range of rack servers based around the platform, as well as a pair of Intel Xeon Scalable server motherboards.

Gigabyte Xeon serverDesigned for enterprise and cloud applications, the servers also offer extensibility for advanced future HPC applications. The range features 8 servers in total, all taking advantage of the increased memory capacity, increased memory bandwidth and innovative storage (Optane) and networking (Omnipath interconnect fabric) the platform provides.

Gartner: WW IT Spending to Grow 2.4% in 2017

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According to Gartner total global IT spending will total $3.5 trillion in 2017-- a 2.4% increase over 2016. The analyst has actually increased its forecast from the previous quarter, following the decline of the US dollar against many foreign currencies.

Gartner IT Spending

"Digital business is having a profound effect on the way business is done and how it is supported," Gartner remarks. "The impact of digital business is giving rise to new categories; for example, the convergence of "software plus services plus intellectual property." These next-generation offerings are fueled by business and technology platforms that will be the driver for new categories of spending. Industry-specific disruptive technologies include the Internet of Things (IoT) in manufacturing, blockchain in financial services (and other industries), and smart machines in retail. The focus is on how technology is disrupting and enabling business."

Cisco Buys Observable Networks

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Cisco buys more security capabilities with Observable Networks, a startup offering network-security-as-a-service technology with a focus on cloud deployments.

CiscoObservable Networks technology is based on dynamic behavioural modeling of all devices on the network. It provides real-time situational awareness of all users, devices and traffic on the network, whether in the datacentre or the cloud, with cloud-native machine learning techniques promising faster and more accurate identification of insider and external threats.

An AutoFramer to Automatically Frame People

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1 Beyond announces the AutoFramer-- a PTZ camera able to detect the number and location of people in a room, before automatically framing them.

AutoframerDesigned for small or medium-sized rooms, the camera adjusts as the group size or location changes. It widens the frame with more people, and zooms in tightly with fewer. If someone gets up to write on the board, the camera pans, tilts and zooms accordingly to include the new position.

The AutoFramer also eliminates the empty space in the frame, improving the viewer experience. Meeting or event attendees do not need to manually adjust the camera or rely on presets, creating better video conferences, event recordings or virtual trainings.

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