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Google and Cisco Team Up in Hybrid Cloud

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Google and Cisco are the next two companies to announce a cloud partnership-- specifically one in a "unique and open" hybrid cloud deployed, managed and secured across on-premises Cisco-based environments and Google Cloud Platform.

Cisco GoogleAccording to Cisco, the result is a "cloud speed and scale, with enterprise-class security." Enterprises will be able to run, secure and monitor workloads, plan cloud migration at own pace, and avoid vendor lock in. It also allows one to develop new applications in the cloud or on premises using the same developer tools, run time and production environment.

As one might imagine, the development, deployment and management environment comes through either Cisco Hyperflex Private Cloud Infrastructure (in the case of on-premises) or Google Container Engine (in public cloud).

Happy AVaaS! Barco Relaunches weConnect

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Barco updates weConnect to version 1.2 with 2 new use cases and upgrades, including an interactive huddle space and lecture hall use cases, and a modular cloud-based room customisation solution. 

weConnect enables universities to implement the BYOD-centred active learning solution in different setups. Teachers and students can collaborate and interact using their own devices connected to the system via campus wifi.

Barco weConnect

Classroom interactivity and collaboration is further boosted with Quiz me, quick-- an upgrade able to launch quizzes and polls in under 5 seconds in all classrooms.

But it's the availability of weConnect 1.2 as a SaaS (or in this case AVaaS) subscription-based model enabled by the web-based Barco Digital Engagement Platform that stands out as a key feature.

It serves as a digital collaborative portal, allowing partners and customers to manage subscriptions in an easy and efficient way. Schools can add users and functionality through the cloud, while dealers still get rewarded by Barco for the relationship and sale.

The Channel for Business Product Sales Will Flatten-- and be Dominated by a Small Number of Mega Channels

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By Braham Shnider

Braham ShniderThe sale of physical products (something with a SKU number) and some horizontal-based consumption based services (mainly IaaS) will be dominated by a small number of mega channels. In this blog I will deal with why this is going to happen, what the future will look like and the implications for us all.

Let’s begin with “Why?”

As I wrote in an earlier blog, we as individual consumers are increasingly using B2C digital sales channels over traditional consumer channels. Through advanced analytics, B2C digital sales channels know what and who we like or not, who we are influenced by, what we want to buy, how price sensitive we are etc. As B2B customers, many of us also want this hyper-personalized customer experience in the B2B buying process. Most business customers prefer to do their own research using search, social media, chat, blogs etc.

IDC: EMEA PC Shipments "Almost Flat" in Q3 2017

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The EMEA traditional PC (desktops, notebooks and workstations) market is "almost flat" in Q3 2017, IDC reports-- shipments total 17.7 million units, a slight -0.5% Y-o-Y decline.

Commercial space sees slight (0.1% Y-o-Y) growth due to enterprise renewals and education deals, while holiday season promotions and gaming boost consumer growth. Notebooks show positive performance across EMEA (0.3%) and strong growth in CEE (5.6%), even if they are negative in both MEA (-4%) and W. Europe (-0.1%). On the other hand desktops are stronger in EMEA, eroding at a softer rate (-2.9%) with strong commercial demand in CEE (8%).

IDC Q3 2017 PC

"The overall W. European traditional PC market showed clear signs of strength," the analyst says. "Although notebooks remained the primary growth driver, desktops emerged as a stronger category, declining at a softer rate. But results were varied within the region. While southern Europe witnessed solid results with Spain, Portugal, and Greece finally opening up their IT wallets for PCs, the Nordics slumped after several quarters of solid growth. Among the 3 big Western European economies, France outperformed Germany and the UK."

Gefen Ships 4K UHD 600MHz 8x8 Matrix

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Gefen from Core Brands starts shipping the EXT-UHD600A-88 4K UHD 600MHz 8x8 Matrix for HDMI, with support for 18.2Gbps of bandwidth and 600MHz TMDS Clock frequency.

Gefen matrixFirst seen at ISE 2017, the EXT-UHD600A-88 handles the HDMI 2.0 standard. It routes eight 4K sources to eight 4K displays, and supports resolutions up to 4K Cinema-DCI (4096 x 2160 up to 60Hz, 4:4:4), 4K UHD (3860x2160 up to 60Hz 4:4:4) with HDR, 1080p full HD and WUXGA (1920x1200). It also supports HDCP 2.2 and 1.4, 3DTV pass-through and Lip Sync pass-through.

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