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Dell EMC Intros PowerEdge XR2 Rugged Server

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Dell EMC presents the next generation of rugged PowerEdge XR servers-- the PowerEdge XR2, designed for use in harsh environments, including industrial sites or even conflict zones.

PowerEdge XR2The 1U chassis housing the XR2 features shock and vibration resistance, optional dust filtration and components certified to work in temperatures ranging from -5ºC to +55ºC as well as altitudes of up to 15K feet. Inside are two Xeon Gold (Skylake-SP) processors with up to 22 cores, 30MB L3 cache and a 140W TDP.

Customers can equip the primary CPU socket with 10 DIMMs (4 channels at 2 DPC and 2 channels at 1 DPC) and the secondary CPU socket with 6 DDR4 memory modules (6 channels at 1 DPC) for a potential 512GB of DRAM per box. Such an amount might appear low compared to current servers, but Dell only uses DIMMs certified for severe environments which are currently limited to 32GB per module.

Altinex Debuts TNP327, TNP327C Interconnect Boxes

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Altinex launches the TNP327 and TNP327C Tilt 'N' Plug tabletop interconnect boxes-- available in both standard and custom configurations for mounting into tables, podiums or other furniture as part of a presentation system.

Altinex TNP329Users can access inputs by pushing down on the top cover, allowing the unit to tilt open. Pressing on the top cover until the latching mechanism engages hides the inputs. In closed position the top panel lies nearly flush with the tabletop, held in place by the latching mechanism.

Wifi-Enabled Objects With No Battery Required!

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Researchers at the University of Washington solve one of the issues the Internet of Things poses by 3D-printing plastic objects with built-in wifi capabilities-- no power source or electronics required!

Wifi object"Our goal was to create something that just comes out of your 3D printer at home and can send useful information to other devices," a team member says. "But the big challenge is how do you communicate wirelessly with wifi using only plastic? That's something that no one has been able to do before."

The team 3D-printed three wifi-enabled objects-- a weighing scale, a flow sensor and an anemometer able to measure wind speed using commercially available plastics and wifi receivers. A combination of 3D-printed springs, gears and switches (based on the same principles allowing battery-free watches to keep time) translates motion into antenna-transmitted data, while backscatter techniques reflect radio signals emitted by a wifi router or other devices.

Microsoft Presents "Always Connected PCs"

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Microsoft takes the stage at the 2nd Qualcomm Snapdragon Technology Summit in Maui, Hawai, to further detail Windows 10 notebooks running on Qualcomm chipsets-- now referred to as "Always Connected PCs."

Always Connected PCsAs described at previous events, the Always Connected PCs run on an ARM-based Snapdragon 835 chipset, and promise 20+ hour active use battery life together with mobile device-style instant-on functionality from standby mode (or what Microsoft calls "Modern Standby Mode"). Cellular connectivity is integrated, allowing for low-power, always-on connectivity superior to what is currently available on current notebooks.

The companies stress the notebooks can run all Windows 10 apps, through a choice of either Universal Windows Apps (compiled for ARM directly) or x86 apps run via emulation. Microsoft gives no mention on the performance of x86 emulation, instead announcing an "optimised" version of Office 365 for use on the machines.

KorbytGO: Mobile Hub for Enterprise Communications

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Today’s employee consumes information in so many different ways (text, video, voice, data) in so many different formats (mobile more than desktop) and on so many different devices (tablets, smartphones, desktops, Chromebox etc). 


In response, RMG Networks created KorbytGO, a mobile employee engagement app that takes a new approach to internal communications. 

Designed as a single hub through which all necessary employee communications can run (from news and updates to training, performance management, resourcing and social updates) and in video as much as text (to match current trends). 

Based upon RMG Networks own experience dealing with their Fortune 500 clients, KorbytGO is a one-stop solution to unify staff communications across all the various departments of an enterprise (any business of any size) through any preferred device.

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