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CEDIA Sells Off Its Annual Trade Show

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CEDIA announces the sale of its USA flagship trade event, just two weeks before the ISE 2017 in Amsterdam which CEDIA co-owns.

With 19,000 attendees visiting more than 500 exhibitors (and 100 of them first time exhibitors), CEDIA 2016 was clearly a successful event.

So why sell it? Obviously CEDIA decided they weren't in the trade show business. It's hard when you have a big annual event. It's "only once a year" but you need staff working 12 months on it. That drains the profitability of the event but also drains valuable staff resources.

Apple Files $1bn Suit Against Qualcomm

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Apple accuses Qualcomm of employing extortion, price-gouging and other monopolistic practices-- and as a result the iPhone maker is filing a $1 billion lawsuit against the semiconductor giant.

Apple QualcommThe lawsuit is filed in US District Court for the Southern district of California, and claims Qualcomm overcharges for chips and refuses to pay $1bn in promised rebates on "exclusivity or de facto exclusivity from Apple." It adds Qualcomm withheld the rebates because Apple is in discussions with the S. Korean antitrust regulator, the Korea Fair Trade Commission.

"If that were not enough, Qualcomm then attempted to extort Apple into changing its responses and providing false information to the KFTC in exchange for Qualcomm's release of those payments to Apple. Apple refused," the lawsuit reads.

IDC: Notebooks Help EMEA PC Market

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EMEA PC shipments stabilise in Q4 2016, IDC reports, reaching 20.7 million units with a close-to-zero (-0.2%) Y-o-Y decline in good part thanks to relatively strong shipment notebook growth of 2.9% Y-o-Y.

IDC EMEA Q4 2016 PCs

Notebook performance is good across all EMEA regions in Q4 2016-- W. Europe sees 2.7% Y-o-Y growth, while CEMA sees 3.3%. Driving such demand is the commercial market, where shipments are up by 10.1% in W. Europe and 1.2% in CEMA. The consumer markets in CEMA and MEA also want notebook (leading to respective shipment growth of 4.4% and 5.8%), while W. Europe sees a decline of -2.4%, less than what IDC was expecting.

However desktop PCs continue to fall during the quarter, with an EMEA decline of 6.9% due to weak consumer demand.

Oracle Plans UK, Turkey Datacentres

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Oracle details plans for further cloud expansion at its CloudWorld event in New York-- including three new cloud regions in the UK, Turkey and Virginia, all expected to go live by H2 2017.

OracleThe company says it will add further regions in MEA, N. America and APAC in 2018, all comprising at least 3 high bandwidth, low latency sites (or "availability domains") designed to avoid failover.

“Oracle is committed to building the most differentiated cloud platform that delivers on the requirements of a wide array of customer workloads,” the company states. “This regional expansion underscores our commitment to making the engineering and capital investments required to continue to be a global large scale cloud platform leader.”

IDC: "Tremendous Growth" for EMEA Cloud Infrastructure

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According to IDC total public and private cloud infrastructure (covering server, disk storage and ethernet switch) spending totals $1.5 billion in EMEA, a 19.5% Y-o-Y increase.

Cloud makes 24.9% of overall EMEA revenue from severs, disk storage and ethernet switches, and represents 44.8% of total storage capacity in the region (an 8.6% Y-o-Y increase). When seen in euros, EMEA user value growth in public and private cloud across servers, storage and switches clocks at 19.1%.


"IDC expects this market to reach a value of $10.9bn by 2020, from the 5-year forecast, or 35.4% of the total market expenditure," the analyst remarks. "Fueled by increasing maturity and adoption rates of many new cloud-dependent technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud continues to represent an area of tremendous growth for the European infrastructure sector."

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