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IBM Process Manages 5nm Chipmaking

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A collaboration between IBM, Samsung and Global Foundries brings about an industry firsts-- silicon nanosheet transistors allowing the production of 5 nanometer (nm) chips.

IBM 5nm processPresented at the 2017 Symposia on VLSI Technology and Circuits conference in Kyoto, Japan, the process arrives just 2 years after the development of a 7nm test node chip with 20 billion transistors, paving the way for 30 billion switches on a "fingernail-sized" chip.

As Big Blue puts it, the breakthrough uses "stacks of silicon nanosheets" to build the transistor instead of FinFET architecture, the current blueprint for the semiconductor industry. It promises a 40% performance enhancement at fixed power, or 75% power savings at matched performance, bringing about a "significant" boost in the performance of anything from AI systems to VR and mobile devices.

Micron Updates on GDDR5X, GDDR6 Development

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Micron releases an update on the development and production of GDDR5X and GDDR6 memory products-- the company plans to introduce improved GDDR5X chips soon, while GDDR6 is to hit mass production on early 2018.

GDDR5X MemoryThe company first launched "G5X" memory chips at 10Gbps speeds, but now it supplies them in 10, 11 and 12Gdbps, with production focusing on increasing data rates and yields. Currently, the Nvidia Titan Xp GPU uses "Micron's next-gen G5X at 11.4Gbps, which is now in mass production."

EU Reaches €120m Wifi4EU Deal

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The European Parliament, Council and Commission reach an agreement on Wifi4EU-- an initiative bringing free public wifi hotspots in local communities across the EU.

EU WifiThe three institutions plan to spend €120 million on the funding of public free wifi services in 6000 to 8000 municipalities in all member states. Funding sources are still being finalised, but will be based on the view of the current Multiannual Financial Framework program. Once it is set up local authorities will be (obviously) able to apply for funding through a "simple and non-bureaucratic process."

Splunk: Security Teams "Overwhelmed" by Attacks

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An IDC survey sponsored by operational intelligence platform provider Splunk reveals organisations are "constantly under attack," so much so they often fail to "effectively protect themselves."

SecurityThe survey involves 600 senior security professionals across Germany, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK and the US. It shows 47% of security teams gather enough information about incidents to enable appropriate or decisive action, but only 27% think they are coping comfortably with the workload, which consists of an average of 40 actionable incidents per week (with the number rising to 77 for finance and 124 for telco).

Around one third (33%) describe themselves as "struggling" or "constantly firefighting," while 53% of respondents claim the biggest limitation to improving security is resourced tied up on routine operations and incident investigation. As for the frequency of attacks, 62% of firms are attacked "at least" weekly, 30% suffer daily attacks and 10% hourly or "continuously." In addition, 45% face a rise in security threats.

Masergy Presents Managed SD-WAN Service

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Masergy Communications announces a second managed SD-WAN service-- SD-WAN Go, a "light" option aimed for businesses on a budget providing seamless integration with Masergy hybrid networking solutions.

MasergySD-WAN Go uses either existing or new connections (private, dedicated, broadband or 4G) to securely tunnel and route data across the public internet and over the Masergy software-defined platform. It is "transport-agnostic," with a "bring-your-own-bandwidth" model allowing it interoperate with 3rd party vendor circuits or WANs. Masergy can also provide the connection.

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